Jeremy Renner @ SDCC 2014

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stop it, jeremy renner,




Chris Pratt, Ladies and Gentlemen.

Oh my gosh! Lol


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you're a gift, but really, are you just the character from parks and rec?, i guess i should get back to that, i think i stopped around episode 6...just because other stuff, not because it was bad or antyhing, marvel,
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crazyassmurdererwall asked you:
I would like to point out it wasn't that random you found each other - I introduced you. But I think it's rad you have this connection.

Valid point. 

Four for you, Alli. 

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Game Boy Diagram
T-shirts available for $22(US) @Society6
Created by Adam Rufino || Tumblr


Game Boy Diagram

T-shirts available for $22(US) @Society6

Created by Adam Rufino || Tumblr

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How is it that in a film whose premise rests on the idea of reimagining the past, present and future, we still end up with a blonde white woman with flashing blue eyes as the stand-in for what personifies evolution and supremely fulfilled human potential? At one point the Ape-like Lucy and Evolved Lucy meet face-to-face as Evolved Lucy does a bit of time-traveling. Their fingers touch, and we see them deliberately posed to mimic the famous Creation of Adam painting, and in that moment I saw what I suppose we were supposed to see: humanity at its beginning, and then humanity at its end, at its most perfect. Blonde, white and blue-eyed.

I can’t accept that. I can’t accept that there was only one black woman in the entire film, who delivered one line and who we never saw again. I can’t accept that the bad guys were Asian and that although in China, Lucy’s roommate says, “I mean, who speaks Chinese? I don’t speak Chinese!” I can’t accept that in Hercules, which I also saw this weekend, there were no people of color except for Dwayne Johnson himself and his mixed-race wife, whose skin was almost alabaster. I can’t accept that she got maybe two lines and was then murdered. I can’t accept that the “primitive tribe” in Hercules consisted of dark-haired men painted heavily, blackish green, to give their skin (head-to-toe) a darker appearance, so the audience could easily differentiate between good and bad guys by the white vs. dark skin. I can’t accept that during the previews, Exodus: Gods and Kings, a story about Moses leading the Israelite slaves out of Egypt, where not a single person of color is represented, casts Sigourney Weaver and Joel Edgerton to play Egyptians. I can’t accept that in the preview for Kingsman: The Secret Service, which takes place in London, features a cast of white boys and not a single person of Indian descent, which make up the largest non-white ethnic group in London. I can’t accept that in stories about the end of the world and the apocalypse, that somehow only white people survive. I can’t accept that while my daily life is filled with black and brown women, they are completely absent, erased, when I look at a TV or movie screen.


Lucy: Why I’m Tired of Seeing White People on the Big Screen

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my sister was just talking about this, wow, heavy,


i feel safe knowing that he is a guardian of our galaxy

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u know yr fucked when someone is so fine u can’t even look at them directly u gotta glance at them out of the corner of your eye like yr lookin at the sun

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THEO DOES IT TO ME THAT FUCKING FUCKER, Renner too, gat dammit, pretty people are just the worst,
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great moments in cinematic history, misfits,