when you’re buying something and the cashier gives you change and people are waiting in line behind you and slowly moving forward and you’re trying to cram your change in your wallet and get out of the way as fast as you can that shit is horrifying and traumatic

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I always apologize but no one seems to kindly respond which makes me think they hate me,

LootCrate to feature FIREFLY in September! 


I just got an email from LootCrate with this message:

No power in the ‘verse can stop us.

This month we blast off with GALACTIC! September’s crate brings 3 licensed exclusive collectibles (one is a Funko Myster Mini!) and includes items from Firefly, Star Wars, & Star Trek with plenty of other surprises in store!

So, naturally, I signed up! Which means I got a referral code! Which means you should sign up HERE!

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we just got august and it had GROOT!,

It’s all a matter of perspective


It’s all a matter of perspective

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Nicholas Angel & Danny Butterman [1/8]
"You’re off the fucking chain!"

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hawkeye + quotes [1 of ???]

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